Йосиф Инсана - يوسف إنسان - ジョス・インサナ

Giuseppe Insana - 墨白


Longboard. Discovered only as late as 2016... why hadn't I thought it before!? It is the perfect alternative to windsurf that I could enjoy even while exiled away from my beloved sea and summers.

For too many years I had been inactive, letting my leg muscles wither, landlocked and in despair. Until... until the thought was born and grew, first timidly and then violently, into my head and finally pushed me to try. A new rite of passage as I had to overcome the natural fear of what appeared a totally risky and insane behaviour, ringing with unspoken threats of possibly debilitating (for my condition) injuries.

Far from truth! I spent one month cautiously approaching and taming the beasts (my fear and the board) and then off I was, riding the asphalt, in pure bliss, expecially as I had discovered LDP (Long Distance Pumping) and learned how to Pump: lowest risk and highest enjoyment, very similar to what I get from windsurf, but on land.

Luckily for me a beautiful, intelligent, wise and friendly community exists: Pavedwave Distance Skateboarding from which I could learn how to properly setup a board and the techniques for pumping. And once you learn... there's no limit to the road you can travel. Kilometers and kilometers without ever putting your feet down from the board. Transforming your body motions into forward drive, letting all your muscles work in sync and with accurate tempo.

I also learned how to build a longboard and created one with (and for) my kids. What follows are the photos of the boards I have setup, skated and decorated.