Йосиф Инсана - يوسف إنسان - ジョス・インサナ

Giuseppe Insana - 墨白


Windsurf. Learned in Sicily, in the Strait of Messina, in the company of my old Friend Neking.

Briefly practised in UK as well, but ach! what a pain to enter the muddy waters fully clothed in a wetsuit..

Eventually bought my own windsurf and found the perfect place for truly enjoying this activity, in my (back then) unspoiled bay at the southernmost tip of China.

What a beautiful sensation windsurfing! Expecially when you are at the middle of the bay and - just like that - you decide to close your eyes and become One with the World, feeling the waves with the soles of your feet and feeling the wind changes with the skin of your shoulders and letting those sensations be the only guide as you skim the waves, your body in perfect balance, attracted to the earth and lifted by the wind, your entire soul lost in all that Wholeness.