Йосиф Инсана - يوسف إنسان - ジョス・インサナ

Giuseppe Insana - 墨白

Poems in English

Sun Tears

Irreparable moments of inexpressed life
oscillate on the edge of darkness
wriggling between glimmers of unfinished dream

        Pale appearances of ineffable truths
        vortex in the ocean of our actions

Near always faded out the common exercise
spent unheard over the time axis

        Sometimes kidnapped from a fleeting gaze
        reveal universes of sounds and scents

That's when I perceive you, my tender muse
my merciful angel, my treacherous demon
I look and gaze and want and adhore you

        And I let you guide me
                        between high vaults
        And I let you catch me
                        to burn the desire
        And I let myself fall
                        in your pleasant arms

To taste the light that rains from the sky
        Those sun tears that bath me with pleasure
Translated from the Italian poem: Lacrime di Sole


The teaching liar
        opens the bones
these mouldy oldmen
        dictate us
tales not lived
tales not seen omens not seen
        in the pale sky in the hour
        in the blue of this body
numb bitter lived or already dead
love beaten
love unseen
love lost 'cause you didn't come
        to look me emptied
        to admire me on the marble
        to observe me killed on the red hangover
                hotel of virtues
I love you maybe I still hate you
for the wasted life
for the monster inside me
        stars unseen
                better: invisible
        in the sky.

Translated from the Italian poem with the same name

Dream of Acid Indiffence

Yes, well it's the coma
I'm sick, the abhorred giant
I slept for a thousand hours
yes it's true, pretended friend
I smoked and sniffed I bought some glue
now sleep, I want to help her
I am just dumb and stoned
oh yeah, nevermind
tell her that I was wrong

Translated from the Italian poem: Sogno di Acida Indifferenza


the fog...
in gray layers of life
the clouds...
the wind has faded away
they are inside me
I am inside them

climb climb
on the crest of the world
and enter, pierce
into your deep heart
crazied flames
are all around me

earth, Earth
the ship wrecks
golden scarab
scarab and rubbish
I feel a liar
without a single lie
cryingnot mad anymore

come, come
tsunami of steel
flood the shores
of this faded darkness
lost and exposed
sold at the market
the islandthe palm
the spotthat advances

Translated from the Italian poem with the same name

The Magic of Signs

I peek in myself, conscious only one is tomorrow
I will be opened and watched
shown and exposed

White, maybe fear
some say that I'm strong
but I can be thrown and torn
    even now

He who created me, gifted me
made over like a slave and I cannot scream
only hope wind wouldn't come
fire not burn and rain would not fall
on my frail body, that's been abused

Stains cover my true essence
black and again black, many times skimmed
    by his shiny blade

My thoughts to his smile, the smile he had
when his hand was pressing
nervous at first then more and more steady
insistent careless
    I can't even speak!

And what would I say, if not what is written?
once one million denied to be silent
    Or never perhaps...

And to whom, then?
blind I am, but to show is my life
my task not to judge
but to sustain
the weight of his words
that resound in me, fluidly they blaze
on my pale flesh

Yet I like it, I fulfill my destiny
instead than go mouldy turn yellow some more
in the gloomy cellar or in the kitchen box
without ever being used

Rejected every time but today he did choose me
and on me he gave vent
because he wanted to talk with you
    Yes, right you!
irony, hoax or just fate?

I won't fly, not like some of my sisters
and no carriage nor ship I'll see
my journey is to its end because

- Gorgeus are your eyes -

I feel you gaze at me
but I cannot cry
not even smile
    Be good to me, I shall never leave.

Translated from the Italian poem: La Magia dei Segni

Hollow Orchids

Scent of hatred         over me
inner ice               sad nothingness
illusions       silence         complicity      hopes
I raise the veils on the stripped bed
        those spots, tears perhaps
        that smile, now vanished.

Indifference monsters
        Vanity clouds
        that fly no more: they're false.
She looks to me, silent and hungry
there's no joy and there's no pain
I'm just another, one amid thousands
        ill with life and from life hated
I'm just another
        for her oneiric scythe.
Translated from the Italian poem with the same name


that night
the stars and you
were not there
were you
and the nights
to come
will you be
and I
will I
not reverie
I remember
the way
you told me
did not believe
I was so perfect
for you
did not believe
we could love
so much
so much

ΠΕΝΤΑΣΤΊΧΟΙ [pentastihoi]

My Mistress lives so far Away
    but behold               she owns my thoughts

My sister was born in a foreign country
    Red is my blood          her blood I am sucking

My friend screams but the wind is blind
    he tells me her words    but not her smile

My daughter plays in Inward gardens
    yet I can feel           her refreshing laughters

My lover dwells in a distant shire
    but I smell her scent    and her Ablaze desire

Blood kiss

They took me one tooth and I spat red all night

I love you in my blood kisses to the pillow

My legs hurt and I'm feeling pain

I love you in my dream jumps

The head, it hurts and pulses too

I love you in the hammering forge

The sun does shine and I shade my eyes

I love you in my sun tears

Presence projection

You felt what is not and it's a lie, said I
Rambling mouths stuffed in distilled smile

Indistinct explanation for shell sensation
covetous to convey pale painting passion
Swiftly I shift amid swirling twine
as it pours invisible wine on whines

The sky cries so hard it hurts
and draws tears to my eyes
A penrose eyes me wide apart
from the child drawing signs

They desired the void in her loins
with rigid fullness of groins
I've got the Freud of her mind
as she used void from her spine

Withering white snowy night and fright
broadens the conscience on what is perceived
when she sheds magma in shady grooves of light
presence projection of absence achieved

I lived to reveal what is true, always been in you
Now revel in your time and join my coming crew

Inward gaze at summerset

As a failed twin, alone amid crowds
Mute as he talks, deaf when listening
Tapping the world knowledge
He cuddles feelings and emotions

A poet philosopher explores
Uncharted depths in minutiae
He longed for myopia
Reading under the blankets

But worshipping the oxymoron
He plans infinite threads to the stars
And ageless contemplation
as civilizations fade and rise

The mother is absorbing dusk, fearsomely beautiful
He plays with painpleasure and flowing fiery wax
The father immense blue, dauntingly welcoming
Gliding under the waves, golden rays become his friends

Looming Oversea Violet Eyes

The extent wherewith I love, I cannot can you picture?
I myself do have troubles, treading on the boundary.
I am thirsty of desire and hungry for solace.
I am weak in the waiting, sleepy by sole enchantment.

Draw the curtains off your eyes
Lift the curtain and show me why
Why am I curving by your smile
How am I bending from inside


The days are wide will I abide
Breathe anodyne and hurl aside
The temptation of inequation
Love and sex are different passions

Breezy bribe of female scent, female gaze and female lent.
Wish I was shining shingle, by the foamy seaside shindy
Wish I was a ladybird, a straight lady, maybe a bird
To ignore and not to apply, to rule out the easy ride.

Entrancing Vagrant Omnivorous Lust



the silence


by the memories of a dream


from a rent in time


to the creatures of the darkness


in the promised years

by bluish notes of a sad song which


itself between the meanders of light that


the enchanted face


mistery and attraction, sex and pleasure
problems to be faced and art to be revealed
poems to be written and skin to be kissed
and breathed

evilness and goodness
the stars in her eyes, and tears over her eyes
the beat in my veins, the rhythm of her breath
the music of souls, sealed in silence and scream

whatever she pleases I please to be pleased
pleased to please her, pleasing her pleasure

melange is the word, love is just a consequence
trascend the alone, fly over the rivals
I am better than You are better than me
the sign is round, shadow sun you see

whatever she pleases I please to be pleased
pleased to please her, pleasing her pleasure

a WomaN worth killing for
a goddess to worship
a slave to beat

Story and the Wind

I'm trading stories
with the Wind
right from the shore
they swim in lore
They come to me
I always ask
About the Rain
and how she feels
and how she weeps
and how she's she...
    as I am him

Wind and Rain
I shout out free
Rain and Wind
I come to me

I trade stories
trade with him
he likes me
I just can't see
But he tells me
doesn't he?
About a princess
in the rain
about the night
about her chain...
    oh where is she?

Rain and Wind
they talk and walk
Wind and Rain
don't dream alone

I'll trade stories
with the unseen
chant the unborn
as once she did
Crumble gamble
birds can fly
night and die
her cat and I
Now why she's far
so far from me...
    and I can't be?

Wind and Rain
the sun was closed
Rain and Wind
we danced alone

Traded stories
'round the hill
round the sun
round is tree
all is round
except the sea
Expect something
right off me
I will ride
upon the storm...
    Will you wait me?

À Maria, la petite princesse, avec amour


I see bright blue seas
  surface is smooth and they seem shallow
But soon I sink
  increasingly deep
and the water is blue now
  an intense blue
    a blue that is sadness
I see galleons, triremes, brigantines, canoes, tankers, pirogues
they are all here
  like drowned dreams
I swim between them
  searching a treasure
sharks and seaweeds surround me
  no coloured fish
A thousand cannons and a thousand ambitions

I am entering now,
  between rotten ribs and rusty nails
  between sleepless souls and the supreme silence
        but! suddenly!...
...I move the head backward and see again my eyes

The mirror catches the image of my shoulders
  as I slide away

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(TR) marks a translation: a poem originally written in a different language.